Pilates aims to build healthy and functional movement patterns and create whole-body awareness and alignment. It has far-reaching benefits and is a powerful tool for enhancing your overall health and well-being, as well as targeting specific complaints. It can support you in improving strength and mobility, preventing or rehabilitating injury, maintaining joint health, and reducing pain.

Movement dysfunction often contributes to pain, injury and illness. Pilates exercises focus on low-level endurance training of the deep abdominal muscles, hip girdle and shoulder stabilizers, which enable efficient controlled movement. It is a low-impact, functional form of exercise that is safe and effective whether you have chronic pain, are suffering from postnatal pain or instability, or want to improve control and strength in your chosen sport.

In clinical pilates sessions, you are supported with one-to-one expert guidance. All equipment is supplied. Simply bring yourself and wear loose, comfortable clothing. During the first session, we will allow a little more time for an initial assessment and consultation.

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